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This just in: a new stamp has hit town! Or should I say…hit the museum! That’s right, Wilmot Museum has just received their very own stamp, which is up for grabs for museum visitors!

Located in a local schoolhouse, this historic building displays items, records and unique artefacts sourced from the pioneering days of Wilmot. Original items include those used by the pioneers themselves! You will have the chance to see tools actually used by the pioneers, for such things as timber harvesting, farming, dairying, butter and cheese manufacture and mining. Quite fascinating! But I do hope it doesn’t smell like cheese inside… The museum is now one of the few places that displays photographs of the original G.W. Coles store, purchased by, you guessed it… ‘George Coles.’


Imagine if Coles still looked like this today…

 This rural museum is perfect for art enthusiasts, historians or just anyone for that matter! You’ll definitely have a good time! I personally love the way museums really engage each and every visitor… they have the ability to foster deeper understandings and promote the enjoyment of rich culture.  If you’ve seen the Wilmot Museum and feel like exploring the many other museums Tasmania has to offer, I have an idea of where you should head next!  


a museum that turns art on its head! The three-story underground museum is home to the world’s most eccentric galleries, comprising unique ancient, modern and contemporary art from the David Walsh collection. The artwork is primarily centred around the themes of ‘sex’ and ‘death,’ which has led to its label as a ‘subversive adult Disney land.’ This museum raises people’s expectations of what the audience can deal with.

The art definitely pushes the boundaries…

Yes, that is a poo machine^

Having visited the museum myself, I personally found the most unique aspect was the way in which you could explore the galleries with custom-built, handheld technology, called the O, that tells stories about the artworks on display as you walk. You really learn a lot!

As always, don’t forget to leave a comment down below to share your experiences at some of Tasmania’s finest museums!

 Today’s fun fact: David Walsh actually became a multi-millionaire through excessive gambling! (Do not attempt to do the same)

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