Stamp your way around Tasmania


Cooking up a storm!

 If there’s one thing in the whole wide world that I could do for hours on end, it would have to be cooking. During this afternoon’s bake, I was hit with a beautiful memory that I just have to share… As the smell of freshly baked banana bread wafted through my kitchen, it brought me back to one particular day several years ago, where I cooked for 7 hours straight…

 ‘What on earth’ you may ask! Let me tell you… this glorious day all took place at the Sally Wise cooking school! This heavenly place located near Molesworth in the Derwent Valley, is the home of Sally Wise. This Tasmanian icon is a bestselling cookbook author, a regular guest on ABC radio and the owner of the Sally Wise Cooking School. If you’ve never heard of Sally Wise you’ve been living under a rock!

 The cooking school offers a unique experience, as Sally teaches the delightful art of cooking. Sharing her wisdom and her best kept secrets, the students take away a world of knowledge, a feeling of warmth and love, and a big full stomach! I can still smell the perfectly golden scones we baked together (which we lathered with cream and jam of course). I can still taste the rich tomato sauce pizza and the luscious chocolate pastries! I really shouldn’t be writing this whilst hungry…

Sally’s style is utterly magical. She definitely has a way with her wooden spoon and sieve! She attempts to showcase seasonal ingredients throughout her dishes, celebrating the glorious fresh produce Tasmania has to offer.

Sally has written an array of cookbooks that attempt to glorify seasonal produce, such as her most famous book ‘a year in a bottle,’ which I personally own and use all the time!

 The cooking school will be taking bookings towards the end of the year, so plan your Tassie trip accordingly! And while you’re there, don’t forget to collect the beautiful stamp that is available for all visitors. The exquisitely crafted stamp perfectly reflects the idyllic country cottage. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I hope all of you get a chance to meet Sally and maybe have the pleasure of cooking with her!

 Comment down below to share your experience and let us know what your favourite thing to cook is!


Today’s fun fact: Raspberries are actually a member of the rose family!


The purrrrfect destination

I’m sure 80% of people reading this consider themselves a ‘dog person.’ Today… I’m here to convert you! After reading this week’s blog, I bet you’ll be head over heels for these loveable fury felines… also known as cats!

Being a cat person myself, I was immensely intrigued when hearing about the existence of a cat café! The Hobart cat café, located in North Hobart, is the home of coffee, cats and cuddles! The next stop for you and the family! Upon visiting the café, you’ll find yourself immersed in love, with hearty food and the cutest company. The cats essentially roam free about the café, seeking pats from café guests. Their presence attempts to provide a happy and relaxing space for all, facilitated through interactions and lots and lots of cuddles! Enjoy the delicate and exquisitely elegant movement of the cats, which I find to be such a soothing and therapeutic experience. The place is equipped with toys and kitty beds, allowing the cats to have their fun and get their required 16 hours of sleep!

If you’re more about the food rather than the cats, I can assure you, you’re in for a treat! The café uses locally sourced ingredients to deliver a tasty menu comprising vegetarian and vegan options. Make a pit stop at the café for a hearty breakfast of eggs benedict, fruit toast and coffee, or enjoy a scrumptious burger at lunch time! The café further utilises local suppliers and cleaning companies, a wholesome way to reduce their environmental impact!

One visit to this café, and you’re bound to fall in love. You’ll become a TRUE cat person… a person who understands love, commitment and the need for long sleep. Interestingly, One study found that we relate to cats in a more ‘twin ship’ sense, in that we believe they experience the same emotional states as us and are in tune with our emotions. Personally, I often find myself staring into my cat’s eyes, believing he TRULY understands what I’m feeling… Who needs a therapist when you have the cat café! And whilst you’re there, don’t forget to collect the cat café stamp! A cute addition to your stamp collection book:

As always, don’t forget to leave a comment down below sharing your thoughts and experiences at this marvellous place! And tell me… have I converted you?

 Today’s fun fact: Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness… even though they’re oh so sweet!


Let’s go to the movies! Move aside Netflix, DVD’s and videos (if you’re old) … it’s time to grab the popcorn and head to the cinema! If you’re like me and absolutely love the whole brick-and-mortar experience, I have the perfect place in mind…

 The State Cinema Hobart, it’s the place to be! Built in 1913, this elegant, seven theatre picture house showcases the latest blockbusters, in addition to a variety of unique local and international films. The beautiful facility comprises eleven screens plus a rooftop Cinema… I’m there! This spot is further home to a café bar, in addition to The State Bookstore, a beautiful and artistic shop adjoining the cinema. It’s a totally different experience to your local Village Cinema:

Back in the day, this theatre was merely a moving picture programme with orchestra, with only two screenings showcased per week! Today, the cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art projection and an ultra-modern sound system, with a fancy state bar that provides the very best local spirits and wines. They even allow you to take your glass into the screening… fancy! Personally, I believe the cinemas is the ultimate haven. It’s the very best way to get family and friends together, while also allowing for some escapism. It enables you to truly experience life through someone else’s eyes. It’s also the perfect date night for two! You can enjoy your date’s company without any awkward silences. Perfect!

 If you’re an art lover this place will be your heaven! The cinema proudly displays beautiful artwork by Tasmanian locals, uniquely presented throughout the complex.

 Located in the vibrant North Hobart, this spot is calling your name! Wine and dine at the state-of-the-art bar, before taking a stroll through the art filled complex, the perfect afternoon. And don’t forget to see a movie while you’re at it! Currently, the State cinema is showcasing some exciting blockbusters, including ‘Cruella,’ a classic take on the punk rock revolution, and ‘A quiet place,’ which I found absolutely terrifying… however, an ideal choice for horror film enthusiasts! If you’re a total xenophile, you’ll be excited to hear the State Cinema is hosting a Chinese film week! Head down to the State Cinema between May 28th– June 3rd for your chance to see some unique, culturally rich films!

As you may’ve guessed, this hidden gem holds a unique stamp which is available for all cinema visitors. The beautiful design perfectly reflects this momentous location, detailing the historic building and its unique architecture.  


If you do check out this magnificent place, please feel free to share your experience down below and leave a review of the movie you saw, or the glass of wine you indulged in!


Today’s fun fact: Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand!

The best catch!

If you’re an absolute foody (like myself), it is utterly vital that you wine and dine at the very best seafood restaurant Tasmania has to offer!

 MURES… the three-tiered seafood restaurant located on the glistening Hobart waterfront. This spot is well and truly waiting for you! The restaurant originally opened in 1973 by Jill and George Mure, true Tasmanian icons. They initially struggled to find good quality, fresh produce, which led to their endeavour to source the very best Australian seafood! Their extensive years of fishing and implementation of sustainably managed fisheries allowed them to acquire world class seafood, which led to the restaurant’s honourable success.

Mures Upper Deck seafood restaurant in the Victoria Dock of Hobart Harbour – Tasmania, Australia

 Today, the restaurant is owned by Will and Jude Mure, more Tasmanian greats! The carefully prepped seafood is smoked, spiced, cured and pickled, tickling the tastebuds of every tourist, visitor or local! The team at Mures adhere to old family recipes and customs, ensuring to implement sustainable practices in all their processes. Their extensive gourmet menu was created to make better use of the ENTIRE fish in Mures’ Fishmongers. Personally, I believe it is important for restaurants to align with socially sustainable practices. How restaurants source and handle their seafood today will have an impact on what’s available in Australia for generations to come. Having visited Mures many times, I wouldn’t hesitate to return! The delicious fish and chips, the picturesque sea view… what more could you want!

I’m actually drooling looking at this photo right now…(probably a mistake to write this blog on an empty stomach) I can almost taste that perfectly crispy calamari! If I haven’t convinced you yet, Mures is also home to the most delectable ice-cream Hobart has to offer!

I’ll have one scoop of the bubble gum ice-cream please! (Yes, I know I have childlike tastebuds) … If you do decide to treat yourself at this fabulous restaurant, be sure to collect the Mures stamp while you’re there! This exclusive print beautifully reflects this hidden gem by the sea, an absolute ‘must-have’ in your stamp collection!

 As always, share your experiences below, and be sure to let us know what ice-cream flavour you fancied most!


Today’s fun fact: Did you know that fish and chips played a key role in nourishing the country during the Second World War and were one of the few foods not subject to rationing!?






The latest and greatest!

This just in: a new stamp has hit town! Or should I say…hit the museum! That’s right, Wilmot Museum has just received their very own stamp, which is up for grabs for museum visitors!

Located in a local schoolhouse, this historic building displays items, records and unique artefacts sourced from the pioneering days of Wilmot. Original items include those used by the pioneers themselves! You will have the chance to see tools actually used by the pioneers, for such things as timber harvesting, farming, dairying, butter and cheese manufacture and mining. Quite fascinating! But I do hope it doesn’t smell like cheese inside… The museum is now one of the few places that displays photographs of the original G.W. Coles store, purchased by, you guessed it… ‘George Coles.’


Imagine if Coles still looked like this today…

 This rural museum is perfect for art enthusiasts, historians or just anyone for that matter! You’ll definitely have a good time! I personally love the way museums really engage each and every visitor… they have the ability to foster deeper understandings and promote the enjoyment of rich culture.  If you’ve seen the Wilmot Museum and feel like exploring the many other museums Tasmania has to offer, I have an idea of where you should head next!  


a museum that turns art on its head! The three-story underground museum is home to the world’s most eccentric galleries, comprising unique ancient, modern and contemporary art from the David Walsh collection. The artwork is primarily centred around the themes of ‘sex’ and ‘death,’ which has led to its label as a ‘subversive adult Disney land.’ This museum raises people’s expectations of what the audience can deal with.

The art definitely pushes the boundaries…

Yes, that is a poo machine^

Having visited the museum myself, I personally found the most unique aspect was the way in which you could explore the galleries with custom-built, handheld technology, called the O, that tells stories about the artworks on display as you walk. You really learn a lot!

As always, don’t forget to leave a comment down below to share your experiences at some of Tasmania’s finest museums!

 Today’s fun fact: David Walsh actually became a multi-millionaire through excessive gambling! (Do not attempt to do the same)

Cottage by the sea!

James Austin Cottage, a historic beauty nestled on the foreshore…

Do you consider yourself a total historian? If so, this unique tourist destination is definitely your cup of tea! James Austin Cottage is the oldest worker’s cottage in Australia. It’s Austin Ferry’s hidden gem, located in Northern Hobart. Can you take a guess who built this magnificent building? Yes, James Austin himself!

Interestingly, this great historic figure was actually a convict who was caught for stealing bee hives… He then built the famous cottage just after he was released from jail for his heinous crime! This simple little cottage is now maintained by Famous Tassie icons Kaye Green and Louise Kemsley:

With his legacy instilled in the cottages name, the treasured establishment has undergone significant repairs to be transformed into a popular tourist attraction! Visitors are presented with a beautiful selection of gifts, crafts and historical information that attempt to tell Austin’s story. The interior of the cottage has been decorated with antique furniture and incredible artwork that strive to keep James’ spirit alive! Can you believe it was close to being demolished in 1960!

I think you may’ve guessed already, but this destination does in fact have a stamp! The carefully designed stamp perfectly reflects the quaint little cottage, symbolising a memory of your visit to the oldest cottage in Australia. This stamp is indeed a treasure!  


If I haven’t convinced you yet, wait till you hear about this exciting event happening at the cottage… James Austin’s cottage is proud to host ‘Plein Air’ day on Sunday the 30th of May from 2pm-5pm! This event is exclusive to HIP members, who will have the opportunity to engage in fun art activities, including drawing, painting, scratching or cutting! This unique event will allow art enthusiasts to get creative and capture their best interpretation of the cottage or the beautiful landscape. And after, enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit which will of course be provided!


If you do find the time to explore the historic beauty, definitely leave a comment below to share your experience!


Today’s fun fact: James Austin actually died on Christmas Day!


The Eye of the Tiger


What if I told you, you could see a Tasmanian Tiger this weekend… would you believe me?

This coming Saturday is Tiger Track stamps day at Sidespace Gallery! The ‘Two Views’ exhibition has dedicated a whole day for Tiger Track enthusiasts, so be sure to head down to Salamanca Arts centre between 10am and 5pm to be part of the magic! For this day only, you will have the opportunity to gain access to the rarest stamp, the elusive thylacine! This precious stamp is a must-have for your booklet, and you can tell your friends and family you’ve actually caught a glimpse of the supposed extinct animal! In addition to the stamps, you will also have the opportunity to purchase Tiger Track merchandise, including fridge magnets, t-shirts and colouring books. I’d definitely be taking advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Speaking of animals, if there’s one place you should definitely add to your bucket list, it’s Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Spend an unforgettable day with some of Tasmania’s most beloved native animals, including Tassie devils, koalas and Eastern quolls. If you’re lucky, you may even see a tawny frogmouth! (Although, they can be quite scary looking):


In addition, the sanctuary offers guided tours, which involves an initial tour of the town of Richmond before visiting the reserve. Richmond, one of Tasmania’s most unique and historic towns, where stamps are red hot! To excite you even more, this town is home to the most delicious sweet treats! Check out the ‘Sweets and Treats’ website here to see if they sell your favourite lolly!

I actually visited Bonorong sanctuary when I was young, and let me tell you, it’s a surreal experience letting a wild animal eat from the palm of your hand! I loved learning about the animals while seeing them before my eyes… This activity is definitely a must! What Bunorong now offers that they didn’t before, is a unique stamp! A beautiful stamp symbolising a unique encounter with wildlife…it’s essential to your collection.

Be sure to leave a comment down below to document your experience. Share your stories and connect with others on the journey!


Today’s fun fact: Did you know the Tasmanian Tiger wasn’t actually a Tiger? It only earned its name ‘The Tasmanian Tiger’ because of its distinctive tiger-like stripes along its lower back and tail!

Tasmania truly does have a thriving art scene…I guess you could call it the ‘state-of-the-art!’ Are you wanting to explore some galleries but don’t know where to start? I have an idea…

Sidespace gallery Hobart… It’s your next destination! This major Hub located in the heart of Hobart is home to some amazing artwork. The incredible space allows artists to exhibit their contemporary artwork for the public, offering an accessible and affordable activity for art enthusiasts! Even if you know nothing about art, you can learn plenty in an art Gallery!

Personally, I believe art can change the way you think and feel. Being inside a gallery allows you to escape the world for a moment. There is an instantaneous release of dopamine, which personally makes me want to stay for hours!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, wait till you hear this… in addition to some amazing artwork, Sidespace gallery is currently offering a unique stamp for visitors! The remarkable stamp is symbolic of the exhibition currently being showcased at the Gallery, detailing the amazing artwork the exhibition comprises.

Yes, I know, truly amazing! But this stamp isn’t available for long… This little gem will only be accessible for the duration of the exhibition ‘Two Views’ (April 28th – May 10th).

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Salamanca Market, the largest outdoor market in the whole of Australia! Immerse yourself in culture, live music and delicious gourmet food as you make your way through the bustling stalls. You’ll be blown away by the fresh produce, delicatessen treats and beautifully crafted handmade gifts. But more importantly, don’t forget to collect the Salamanca Market Stamp!



A visit to the museum followed by a stroll through the market… Honestly, sounds like the perfect Saturday!


If you do find time to check out these attractions, feel free to share your experience down below! 

 Today’s fun fact: The world’s largest silk art display hangs in the town of  Deloraine!