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State of the Art!

Tasmania truly does have a thriving art scene…I guess you could call it the ‘state-of-the-art!’ Are you wanting to explore some galleries but don’t know where to start? I have an idea…

Sidespace gallery Hobart… It’s your next destination! This major Hub located in the heart of Hobart is home to some amazing artwork. The incredible space allows artists to exhibit their contemporary artwork for the public, offering an accessible and affordable activity for art enthusiasts! Even if you know nothing about art, you can learn plenty in an art Gallery!

Personally, I believe art can change the way you think and feel. Being inside a gallery allows you to escape the world for a moment. There is an instantaneous release of dopamine, which personally makes me want to stay for hours!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, wait till you hear this… in addition to some amazing artwork, Sidespace gallery is currently offering a unique stamp for visitors! The remarkable stamp is symbolic of the exhibition currently being showcased at the Gallery, detailing the amazing artwork the exhibition comprises.

Yes, I know, truly amazing! But this stamp isn’t available for long… This little gem will only be accessible for the duration of the exhibition ‘Two Views’ (April 28th – May 10th).

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Salamanca Market, the largest outdoor market in the whole of Australia! Immerse yourself in culture, live music and delicious gourmet food as you make your way through the bustling stalls. You’ll be blown away by the fresh produce, delicatessen treats and beautifully crafted handmade gifts. But more importantly, don’t forget to collect the Salamanca Market Stamp!



A visit to the museum followed by a stroll through the market… Honestly, sounds like the perfect Saturday!


If you do find time to check out these attractions, feel free to share your experience down below! 

 Today’s fun fact: The world’s largest silk art display hangs in the town of  Deloraine!



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