Stamp your way around Tasmania


Let’s go to the movies! Move aside Netflix, DVD’s and videos (if you’re old) … it’s time to grab the popcorn and head to the cinema! If you’re like me and absolutely love the whole brick-and-mortar experience, I have the perfect place in mind…

 The State Cinema Hobart, it’s the place to be! Built in 1913, this elegant, seven theatre picture house showcases the latest blockbusters, in addition to a variety of unique local and international films. The beautiful facility comprises eleven screens plus a rooftop Cinema… I’m there! This spot is further home to a café bar, in addition to The State Bookstore, a beautiful and artistic shop adjoining the cinema. It’s a totally different experience to your local Village Cinema:

Back in the day, this theatre was merely a moving picture programme with orchestra, with only two screenings showcased per week! Today, the cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art projection and an ultra-modern sound system, with a fancy state bar that provides the very best local spirits and wines. They even allow you to take your glass into the screening… fancy! Personally, I believe the cinemas is the ultimate haven. It’s the very best way to get family and friends together, while also allowing for some escapism. It enables you to truly experience life through someone else’s eyes. It’s also the perfect date night for two! You can enjoy your date’s company without any awkward silences. Perfect!

 If you’re an art lover this place will be your heaven! The cinema proudly displays beautiful artwork by Tasmanian locals, uniquely presented throughout the complex.

 Located in the vibrant North Hobart, this spot is calling your name! Wine and dine at the state-of-the-art bar, before taking a stroll through the art filled complex, the perfect afternoon. And don’t forget to see a movie while you’re at it! Currently, the State cinema is showcasing some exciting blockbusters, including ‘Cruella,’ a classic take on the punk rock revolution, and ‘A quiet place,’ which I found absolutely terrifying… however, an ideal choice for horror film enthusiasts! If you’re a total xenophile, you’ll be excited to hear the State Cinema is hosting a Chinese film week! Head down to the State Cinema between May 28th– June 3rd for your chance to see some unique, culturally rich films!

As you may’ve guessed, this hidden gem holds a unique stamp which is available for all cinema visitors. The beautiful design perfectly reflects this momentous location, detailing the historic building and its unique architecture.  


If you do check out this magnificent place, please feel free to share your experience down below and leave a review of the movie you saw, or the glass of wine you indulged in!


Today’s fun fact: Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand!

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