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Stamp your way around Tasmania


Welcome to the blog!

Greetings fellow explorers! I hope you’re reading this in the midst of your travel adventures. If not, don’t worry… there’s plenty of time to set sail! This new space is for all things Tassie! Are you looking for the latest information, news and where to next? This section is designed to assist you on your journey! Find out where to hunt for the new additions, what Tasmania has to offer and where to explore next!

It is more than just a travel activity… Tiger Track is all about creating valuable memories, which is why each stamp has been thoughtfully designed to capture the hidden gems of Tasmania. It is Australia’s secret wonderland, home to an unspoilt landscape and picturesque charm that will have you bewildered. It’s impossible to explain on the one page why Tasmania is the best place on earth, so you’ll just have to see for yourself! Don’t worry, we’ve already sorted your itinerary for you… Check out the interactive stamp map to plan your trip around the state! Watch out for the elusive thylacine stamp and don’t forget your booklet and mentos! Whether you’re coming in on the Spirit of Tasmania, caravanning or hitchhiking, adventure awaits in Tasmania!

Don’t forget to comment, provide feedback and share your journey on each upcoming blog post!

Today’s fun fact: Did you know, Mount Ossa is the highest mountain in Tasmania?