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Cooking up a storm!

 If there’s one thing in the whole wide world that I could do for hours on end, it would have to be cooking. During this afternoon’s bake, I was hit with a beautiful memory that I just have to share… As the smell of freshly baked banana bread wafted through my kitchen, it brought me back to one particular day several years ago, where I cooked for 7 hours straight…

 ‘What on earth’ you may ask! Let me tell you… this glorious day all took place at the Sally Wise cooking school! This heavenly place located near Molesworth in the Derwent Valley, is the home of Sally Wise. This Tasmanian icon is a bestselling cookbook author, a regular guest on ABC radio and the owner of the Sally Wise Cooking School. If you’ve never heard of Sally Wise you’ve been living under a rock!

 The cooking school offers a unique experience, as Sally teaches the delightful art of cooking. Sharing her wisdom and her best kept secrets, the students take away a world of knowledge, a feeling of warmth and love, and a big full stomach! I can still smell the perfectly golden scones we baked together (which we lathered with cream and jam of course). I can still taste the rich tomato sauce pizza and the luscious chocolate pastries! I really shouldn’t be writing this whilst hungry…

Sally’s style is utterly magical. She definitely has a way with her wooden spoon and sieve! She attempts to showcase seasonal ingredients throughout her dishes, celebrating the glorious fresh produce Tasmania has to offer.

Sally has written an array of cookbooks that attempt to glorify seasonal produce, such as her most famous book ‘a year in a bottle,’ which I personally own and use all the time!

 The cooking school will be taking bookings towards the end of the year, so plan your Tassie trip accordingly! And while you’re there, don’t forget to collect the beautiful stamp that is available for all visitors. The exquisitely crafted stamp perfectly reflects the idyllic country cottage. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I hope all of you get a chance to meet Sally and maybe have the pleasure of cooking with her!

 Comment down below to share your experience and let us know what your favourite thing to cook is!


Today’s fun fact: Raspberries are actually a member of the rose family!


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