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The best catch!

If you’re an absolute foody (like myself), it is utterly vital that you wine and dine at the very best seafood restaurant Tasmania has to offer!

 MURES… the three-tiered seafood restaurant located on the glistening Hobart waterfront. This spot is well and truly waiting for you! The restaurant originally opened in 1973 by Jill and George Mure, true Tasmanian icons. They initially struggled to find good quality, fresh produce, which led to their endeavour to source the very best Australian seafood! Their extensive years of fishing and implementation of sustainably managed fisheries allowed them to acquire world class seafood, which led to the restaurant’s honourable success.

Mures Upper Deck seafood restaurant in the Victoria Dock of Hobart Harbour – Tasmania, Australia

 Today, the restaurant is owned by Will and Jude Mure, more Tasmanian greats! The carefully prepped seafood is smoked, spiced, cured and pickled, tickling the tastebuds of every tourist, visitor or local! The team at Mures adhere to old family recipes and customs, ensuring to implement sustainable practices in all their processes. Their extensive gourmet menu was created to make better use of the ENTIRE fish in Mures’ Fishmongers. Personally, I believe it is important for restaurants to align with socially sustainable practices. How restaurants source and handle their seafood today will have an impact on what’s available in Australia for generations to come. Having visited Mures many times, I wouldn’t hesitate to return! The delicious fish and chips, the picturesque sea view… what more could you want!

I’m actually drooling looking at this photo right now…(probably a mistake to write this blog on an empty stomach) I can almost taste that perfectly crispy calamari! If I haven’t convinced you yet, Mures is also home to the most delectable ice-cream Hobart has to offer!

I’ll have one scoop of the bubble gum ice-cream please! (Yes, I know I have childlike tastebuds) … If you do decide to treat yourself at this fabulous restaurant, be sure to collect the Mures stamp while you’re there! This exclusive print beautifully reflects this hidden gem by the sea, an absolute ‘must-have’ in your stamp collection!

 As always, share your experiences below, and be sure to let us know what ice-cream flavour you fancied most!


Today’s fun fact: Did you know that fish and chips played a key role in nourishing the country during the Second World War and were one of the few foods not subject to rationing!?






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