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Cottage by the sea!

James Austin Cottage, a historic beauty nestled on the foreshore…

Do you consider yourself a total historian? If so, this unique tourist destination is definitely your cup of tea! James Austin Cottage is the oldest worker’s cottage in Australia. It’s Austin Ferry’s hidden gem, located in Northern Hobart. Can you take a guess who built this magnificent building? Yes, James Austin himself!

Interestingly, this great historic figure was actually a convict who was caught for stealing bee hives… He then built the famous cottage just after he was released from jail for his heinous crime! This simple little cottage is now maintained by Famous Tassie icons Kaye Green and Louise Kemsley:

With his legacy instilled in the cottages name, the treasured establishment has undergone significant repairs to be transformed into a popular tourist attraction! Visitors are presented with a beautiful selection of gifts, crafts and historical information that attempt to tell Austin’s story. The interior of the cottage has been decorated with antique furniture and incredible artwork that strive to keep James’ spirit alive! Can you believe it was close to being demolished in 1960!

I think you may’ve guessed already, but this destination does in fact have a stamp! The carefully designed stamp perfectly reflects the quaint little cottage, symbolising a memory of your visit to the oldest cottage in Australia. This stamp is indeed a treasure!  


If I haven’t convinced you yet, wait till you hear about this exciting event happening at the cottage… James Austin’s cottage is proud to host ‘Plein Air’ day on Sunday the 30th of May from 2pm-5pm! This event is exclusive to HIP members, who will have the opportunity to engage in fun art activities, including drawing, painting, scratching or cutting! This unique event will allow art enthusiasts to get creative and capture their best interpretation of the cottage or the beautiful landscape. And after, enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit which will of course be provided!


If you do find the time to explore the historic beauty, definitely leave a comment below to share your experience!


Today’s fun fact: James Austin actually died on Christmas Day!


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